Contact: The Magic of Communication

Contact is a curriculum based assembly program which explores the vital role communication plays in students’ ability to express¹ themselves, work² with others, and explore³ the world around them.

¹Express: Featuring juggling, mime, and the performance of an ancient Aboriginal instrument, the opening routines are a whirlwind of movement, color, and music. Topics explored in this part of the program: How is music used to convey emotions and tell stories? How can you communicate without speaking?

²Work: In one of the many interactive parts of the program the audience learns how to applaud, laugh, and say ‘Thank You’ in American Sign Language. Later a volunteer from the audience is invited onstage to perform an astonishing feat of magic while receiving instructions entirely in Spanish.

³Explore: In the final routines Scott uses spectacular illusions to illustrate how innovations in technology, from the printing press to the radio, have allowed mankind to communicate over vast distances in space and time.

Video from a live performance

“Superb performance! It was a great way to expose students to media and how it was used then and now.”
Kathleen DelVisco
Second Grade Teacher
Moses Y. Beach School, Wallingford, CT

“One of the strengths of your performance was the high level of audience participation. You wowed our crowd of third through fifth graders!”
Regan Nickels
Weatherbee School, Hampden, ME

“I was thrilled that the audience was entertained, but even more pleased that you really did address the standards that you list in your program.”
Nancy Sherman
Teacher / Event organizer
Ashaway Elementary School, Ashaway, RI


Routine by Routine Description.pdf
Show description.pdf

Curriculum Connections

The curriculum frameworks of every state, whether English Language Arts, Science, Technology, or History, emphasize a common theme of students becoming effective communicators. Following are examples from New England and New York:

Connecticut Curriculum.pdf
Massachusetts Curriculum.pdf
Maine Curriculum.pdf
New Hampshire Curriculum.pdf
New York State Curriculum.pdf
Rhode Island Curriculum.pdf
Vermont Curriculum.pdf

“They absolutely loved it! Halfway through a 6th grader leaned towards me and excitedly announced ‘Ms. Nat this is the best show we’ve ever had!’”
Mary Natalizia
Teacher / Program Coordinator
Pownal Elementary, Pownal, VT


Target audience?
Grades K-8.

Maximum audience size?
Typical audiences run from 100-300.

Length of show?
50 minutes.

Reset time between shows?
10 minutes.

Set-up and tear-down times?
Set-up: 90 minutes. Tear-down: 60 minutes. Both can be accomplished in a small space along one wall of a gymnasium or multi-purpose room allowing the school to continue with a regular schedule during those times.

Do you require anything?
A clean and clear space. Electricity. I provide everything else including props, backdrops, and a high fidelity sound system.

“My students and I loved this assembly! We were captivated!”
Karla Cloutier
Grade 4 Teacher
Amherst St. Elem., Nashua, NH